Saving the world with my little blue lunchbox

This week, my friends over at Small Change are taking on a 7-day waste accumulation challenge to track how much waste (especially plastic) they generate in a week.

Most of them don’t practice BYO (bring your own) or zero waste yet, so I’m pretty excited to see what their results will be like!

I decided to do a little bit of tracking of my own too, but slightly different. About a month ago, inspired by a fellow BYO-er on Instagram, I started to use an app to track the amount of plastic that I saved with my reusables. This week, I decided to add to that by taking photos of my reusables in action!

Lunch on Sunday from the Nasi Lemak stall at the MRT station. Stall auntie took my container happily, no questions asked!

Lunch on Monday at a vegetable rice stall at one of the coffee shops in Bedok. I gave my lunchbox to the stall uncle with a smile, he took it with no questions too! Also featured is my blue reusable bag which I used to carry the box because it was hot.

McDonald’s with my friends on Tuesday night. The cashier was really nice about my request to put my order of Milo into my bottle. He had to remove the tray at the bottom of the dispenser because my bottle was too tall, but happily did it anyway. I’m so grateful that he went to the trouble. I guess it helped that it wasn’t crowded then.

Also, Fabian was about to reach for a straw when I asked him, “Do you really need a straw?” He was pretty stunned at the question for some reason, haha. But he didn’t take one! Thanks for helping to save the environment, Fabian 🙂

Thursday morning before work, I decided to grab a curry puff from Old Chang Kee. Gave the silicone pouch to the auntie upfront and she was pretty amused and happy to oblige!

Grabbed my lunch after that at the coffee shop nearby work, with my trusty blue lunchbox again. Stall owner took a look at my collapsed lunchbox and said it was too small… then I expanded it to full size 😉 He thought it was pretty cool.

My experience with BYO has generally been positive so far! People are usually happy to help, especially if you’re polite in your request. Just be understanding if they refuse; sometimes the person serving you might not have control over company policies, and they don’t just want to get into trouble.

I hope this post inspires those of you who want to BYO but are worried or self-conscious. It’s a lot easier than you think!

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